Real Load Demo Portal online

The Real Load Demo Portal is now up and running.

The demo portal is now available for selected customers who wish to evaluate the product functionality. You need an invitation code from us to sign up at the portal.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Navigate to and click at “Sign up”
  2. Enter your invitation code and follow the instructions
  3. Once you are signed in navigate to “Measuring Agents”
  4. Add the following Measuring Agent: port 8080
  5. Ping the Measuring Agent at application level
  6. Click at the “Wizards” icon to “HTTP Test Wizard”
  7. Define your first HTTP/S test, debug the test, save the session, generate the code and run your test

Note: The Measuring Agent has the following restrictions:

  • Maximum number of users per test job: 500
  • Maximum test job duration: 5 minutes

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