Real Load Plugins Introduction

Real Load plugins - Create, share or simply re-use.

A great new feature of the Real Load portal is that is allows you to share or simply consume plugins that have been prepared by others.

Plugins are written in Java. There are 3 types of plugin that are supported by the Real Load application:

  1. Session Element Plug-In - Typically used to generate custom data required by your load test script. For example:
  • Extract data from a DB.
  • Generate random data that follows a specific syntax.
  • Query an external webservice to obtain data to be injected in the load test.
  1. URL Plug-in - Allows you to modify request or response data:
  • Modify the HTTP request (…change the URL, etc…)
  • Modify response data.
  1. Java Source Code Modifier Plug-in - Allows to automtically modify a test script Java source code.

One of the key fetures of the product is that plugins can be optionally be published on the Real Load portal, for other users to consume. You can have a glimpse of available plugins here.

Interested in plugins but don’t know where to start? We’ll soon publish a getting started documentation on our website. In the meantime please reach out to us at