Support for SSL Cert Client authentication in Proxy Recorder

Added support for SSL Client certs to proxy recorder

Do you need to record HTTP requests for your test script that require SSL Cert Client authentication? Tick, we support this use case now…

How does it work…

The Proxy Recorder has been enhanced to support recording against websites or applications that require presenting a valid SSL Client certificate.

From an high-level point of view this is how things work:

  • 1 - SSL Client certificates are uploaded to the Real Load Portal. Each certificate is associated with an hostname (or IP address) of the target server, so that the Proxy Recorder knows when to present the SSL Client certificate.
  • 2 - The Real Portal will then share the SSL Client certs with Proxy Recorder. Currently Cloud Hosted proxy recorders are supported.
  • 3 - The tester then executes the steps to be recorded and included in the test script.
  • 4 - When the Proxy Recorder attempts to access hosts that required SSL Client authentication, the relevant SSL Client will be applied.

SSL Client Certificate Configuration

SSL Client certificates in the .pfx/.p12 format need to be uploaded to the Real Load Portal server.

The configuration of such SSL Client certificates in the Real Load Portal server is done by going to the Remote Proxy Recorders menu item and then clicking on the certificate symbol:


Then provide details about the certificate your uploading. Importantly the target server host must exactly match the hostname (or IP address) that will appear in HTTP requests.


Done. Once uploaded, using the Proxy Recorder attempt to access a resource that requires SSL Client Cert authentication. You should be able to access the resource.