Welcome to Real Load: The next generation Load Testing & Synthetic Monitoring tool!

Real Load offers a Synthetic Monitoring and Load Testing solution that is flexible enough to cater for testing of a variety of applications such as:

  • Web applications (Both legacy and modern single page applications)
  • Mobile Applications
  • APIs
  • Any other network protocol, provided a Java client implementation exists
  • Custom Scripts written like in PowerShell
  • Database
  • Message Queues
  • and more…

In addition Real Load Platform supports a Table Server, which can be used to store the test data in table formats and can be consumed by multiple load/synthetic tests.

Real Load also have a Browser Recorder extension for both Chrome and Firefox, which can be used to create recordings of browser user journeys to be used for both Performance Tests and Synthetic Monitoring

New: Synthetic Monitoring - Reuse the same scripts developed for load testing to periodically check the uptime and performance of your critical business transactions.

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Key Real Load Features

Cloud ready
If your infrastructure is cloud based (AWS or Azure), deploy a load agent (load generator) in minutes.
Hybrid deployment
Hybrid or a complete on-premises deployment is also possible, if the applications you need to load test require it.
Prepare Load Test Scripts in a breeze
There are various simplified methods to prepare load tests script involving HTTP requests. Use the wizard, proxy recorder or the desktop companion to convert .har files into load test scripts.
Save a stack of money
Thanks to our freemium approach, you can evaluate and perform smaller load tests without licensing costs. No credit card required when signing up.
Real-time debugger
Validate your load test scripts by debugging each step in real time. Gone are the days of saving and executing with debugging code embedded in order to detect issues in your scripts.
Write or reuse existing plugins
If you require to generate custom logic as part of your load test script (for example to generate custom data) you can implement or re-use existing Java based plugins. See public plugins available from our portal.
Support from the developers
Should you require support or implementation services, the Real Load team stands ready to assist you at reasonable prices.

Real Load is the new kid on the block in the load testing arena. Its flexible framework is meant to support any kind of load testing requirements, although initially it’s focusing on load testing of web based applications.

Flexible deployment!

Available both as a SaaS or On-Premise solution to cater for all needs.

Fits all sizes!

We offer a flexible licensing model that suits all project sizes, from small to large.

Prepare scripts in a breeze

There are various options to simplify the preparation of web based load test scripts.