What is Real Load?

Real Load is an Enterprise tool to perform next generation Load Testing and Synthetic Monitoring.

At the core of the Real Load product is a universal measurement interface that supports to capture data of performance tests which can run against anything that has a response time. The product is highly scalable and can be used to run tests from a few hundred simulated users up to an almost unlimited load with millions of concurrent users.

In addition, It can be used for periodically tests your critical use cases for proactive monitoring .

The executed tests can be either generated automatically by using the wizards, or alternatively programmed by hand, with all libraries and interfaces being fully documented in detail.

Regardless of what type of test you are running, all data reported to the universal interface during a test are displayed directly in real time in form of statistics and charts. Results from load releasing clusters are even displayed in real time by combining the cluster members data on the fly.

Real Load itself is written in Java - but can execute tests written in any programming language, since the universal measurement interface is file-based and supports any programming language that is capable to write data into a file.