Product Overview

RealLoad: Unique Key Features

What is RealLoad?

RealLoad is an Enterprise Tool to perform next generation Load Testing, Regression Testing, and Synthetic Monitoring.

Due to the universal product architecture, a Test of any Type supported by RealLoad can be executed as:

  • Load Test
  • Regression Test
  • Synthetic Monitoring Job

The following Types of Tests are supported::

  • ‘HTTP Test Wizard’ Tests - Web Surfing Sessions and HTTP API Tests.
  • JUnit Tests - Testing any type of Network Protocol (such as DNS, SMTP or UDP).
  • Selenium IDE and Playwright Tests - Execution of Real Web Browser Tests.
The product is highly scalable and can be used to run tests from one simulated user up to an almost unlimited strength of millions of concurrent users ¹ - and this for Load Tests, Regression Tests, and for Synthetic Monitoring Jobs.
¹ = does not apply to Selenium IDE and Playwright Tests (max. 5..50 users per load generator due to the high CPU usage of such tests)

Regardless of what type of test you are running, all measured data are displayed directly in real time in form of statistics and charts.

All work steps can be carried out within the web interface of the RealLoad Portal which:

  • contains simple and powerful dialogs.
  • contains numerous wizards, so no programming is required in most cases.
  • does not require to configure any JSON and XML files.

In addition, using the RealLoad Portal offers many other advantages, for example:

  • Web surfing sessions can be recorded with a ready-for-use Remote HTTP/S Proxy Recorder and post-edited with a powerful wizard.
  • JUnit tests can measure Additional Statistics and Charts, declared on the fly.
  • Selenium IDE tests can be converted into RealLoad tests using a wizard.
  • A powerful graphical Test Suite Editor supports the compilation of Regression Tests.
  • The Synthetic Monitoring Dashboard gives you a complete overview of the last 24 hours by displaying real-time sparklines (micro charts) per each monitoring job.
  • Multiple load generators can be combined into a cluster, with the test results of the cluster members are combined into a single test result - displayed in real time - for all types of tests.

Complete Overview of All Product Features

Our mission is to provide you with a powerful, professional testing tool - at a competitive price.
Try the RealLoad product for free by signing up to the Portal. Or email to request a quote or a 1:1 demo that takes your specific needs into account.

Technical Product Features

RealLoad: Technical Product Features