Getting Started

Getting started with RealLoad

This section of the documentation will walk you through the first steps in order to getting started with the RealLoad Product.

Follow the next sections of the document and you should be able to run your first basic test script using the SaaS Evaluation scenario within 20 minutes.

Let us know if encounter any issues while getting started, as that will help us updating this documentation to make it as clear and user friendly as possible. Please email us at

Deployment Types & Architecture

Chose the right deployment type for you.

Portal Sign Up and Login

To get started you’ll need to setup and account for yourself at the RealLoad portal. See here how…

Execute a Simple HTTP/S Test

This section gets you kickstarted with a simple HTTP/S test.

Convert a Selenium IDE Test to a RealLoad Test

This example shows how to convert a Selenium IDE Test to RealLoad Test.