Regression testing using Test Templates and Suites

Execute performance regression testing using test Templates and Suites

An exciting set of new features was added in Real Load v4.8.24. Test Templates and Test Suites.

Test Templates allow you to:

  • Pre-define a load test’s execution parameters like VUs, duration, etc..
  • Each Template represents a specific performance test script.

Test Suites will allow you to:

  • Execute one or more test templates to build complex execution scenarios simulating a variety of activities.
  • Organize multiple Test Templates in test groups. Execution within a test group can be parallel or sequential.
  • Have multiple execution groups within a test suite.
  • Configure sequential or parallel execution of test groups.

Once a Test Suite has been executed you can:

  • Compare results at the test suite level with multiple previous executions.
  • Compare results at the template level with multiple previous executions.

Test Suites allow you to implement regression testing by executing a specific set of performance tests using the very same execution parameters. You can even automate execution of Test Suites by triggering it via the APIs exposed by the product.

All of this is documented in this short video (9 minutes) which walks you through these new features.

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