Desktop Companion User Guide

Real Load Desktop companion - Introduction

The Desktop Companion is a small application that allows you to manage some features related to the Real Load Platform.

In particular the desktop companion allows you to:

  • Generate HTTP Load Test scripts from HTTP archives (.har) files
  • Locally run the Real Load Proxy Recorder
  • Perform some basic editing of test scripts
  • Upload test scripts directly to the Real Load Portal
  • Manage AWS Measuring Agents (launch, terminate, register with Real Load Portal)

See sections below to learn more about the Desktop Companion.

Release Notes

Desktop Companion change log

Desktop Companion - Pre-requisites

Read this first.

Desktop Companion - Download and run

Where to donwload the application from and how to run.

Desktop Companion - Settings Menu

Configure the Desktop Companion for integration with AWS and the Real Load Portal.

Desktop Companion - File Menu

Import HTTP archives and export test scripts locally or to the Portal.

Desktop Companion - Editor

Simple request editor.

Desktop Companion - Measuring Agents

Launch and terminate AWS based measuring agents and manage their registration with the Portal.

Desktop Companion - Proxy Recorder

Run the proxy recorder locally on your desktop.