How to install Real Load

Usually you just need a Portal Server account and to install the “Desktop Companion” on your laptop which enables you to record and upload HTTP/S sessions and to launch Measuring Agents on Amazon EC2. You don’t need a special installation license for the Desktop Companion. However, user licenses are required for using the Portal Server and to perform tests on Measuring Agents - see

The Real Load components Measuring Agent(s), Cluster Controller(s) and Remote Proxy Recorder(s) can also installed/operated on your own hosted machines.

The installation and operation of an own dedicated Portal Server requires a contract with us and a special, commercial license.

The software can be downloaded from


Supported operating systems / for all Real Load components

  • Windows 10 / Windows Server 2012 or newer.
  • Centos 8
  • Red Hat Linux 6
  • Ubuntu 16, 18 or 20
  • OS X


Install using the installer

Desktop Companion Windows installer:

Manual installation

Follow the links below to perform a manual installation.

Ubuntu 16/18/20 Measuring Agent manual install

Ubuntu 16/18/20 Measuring Agent Install Instructions

Ubuntu 16/18/20 Cluster Controller manual install

Ubuntu 16/18/20 Cluster Controller Install Instructions

Ubuntu 16/18/20 Portal Server manual install

Ubuntu 16/18/20 Portal Server Install Instructions

Ubuntu 16/18/20 Remote Proxy Recorder manual install

Ubuntu 16/18/20 Remote Proxy Recorder Install Instructions

Centos 8 Portal Server manual install

Centos 8 Portal Server manual install instructions