How to install RealLoad

Usually you just need a Portal Server Account Sign Up for Free

After the end of the evaluation period you will need one or more licenses which you can purchase in our shop:

Optionally you can install:

If you need RealLoad architecture components that are exclusively available to you, you can either use our pre-built AWS EC2 AMIs, or alternatively install these components manually.

The RealLoad components Measuring Agent(s), Cluster Controller(s) and Remote Proxy Recorder(s) can also installed/operated on your own hosted machines.

The OSHI Daemon can be installed on any system to monitor operating system performance metrics.

The installation and operation of an own dedicated Portal Server requires a contract with us and a special, commercial license.

The software can be downloaded from


Supported Operating Systems

For all RealLoad architecture components:

  • Windows Server 2012 or newer
  • Linux (Ubuntu recommended)


Manual installation

Follow the links below to perform a manual installation.

Ubuntu: Measuring Agent manual install

Ubuntu: Measuring Agent Install Instructions

Ubuntu: Cluster Controller manual install

Ubuntu: Cluster Controller Install Instructions

Ubuntu: Remote Proxy Recorder manual install

Ubuntu: Remote Proxy Recorder Install Instructions

Ubuntu: OSHI Daemon manual install

Ubuntu: OSHI Daemon Install Instructions

Ubuntu: Portal Server manual install

Ubuntu: Portal Server Install Instructions