Desktop Companion - Measuring Agents

Launch and terminate AWS based measuring agents and manage their registration with the Portal.

The Measuring Agents tab allows you to manage Cloud Based (… currently AWS) Measuring Agents. This section of the application will be of most use if you configured AWS credentials in the preferences section of the application.

If no AWS credentials are configured, you won’t be able to start and terminate AWS instances.

Listing Measuring Agents AMIs

In the left pane you’ll see a list of available AWS AMIs. You can further filter the list of AMIs by selecting a specific version and/or by selecteing an AWS region.

Launching an instance

To launch an new EC2 instance right-click on the relevant AMI and select “Launch”. A screen to confirm the launch will be displayed. Confirm by clicking on the “Launch” button.

When launching an instance in an AWS EC2 region that is not yet part of your “My Regions” list, the region will be automatically added to the list.

Launching a new instaance will automatically trigger a refresh of the AWS Measuring Agents list. It might take a few second for the list to update and the new instance to be reflected in it.

Then confirm the launch action:

Listing running EC2 instances

After launching an instance go to the top right part of the window listing the running instances and right click on “Refresh”. This will retrieve all running EC2 instances from the preferred AWS regions and display them in the table.

Registering an instance

To register an AWS instance with the Real Load Portal right-click on the instance and then select the “Register with portal” menu item. The instance ID will be used as the description in the Real Load Portal.

List registered instances

In the left bottom part of the window you’ll see the Measuring Agents currently registered on the Portal. To update the list right click and select the “Refresh” option.

De-register an instance

In order to de-register an instance from the Portal right click on the instance name and select De-register.

Terminate an instance

To terminate an AWS EC2 instance right click on the instance name.