Desktop Companion - Editor

Simple request editor.

In the request editor tab you’ll be able to perform some basic editing of the requests imported from an HAR file or recorded by the proxy recorder.

For more complex editing please use the HTTP wizard in the Real Cloud portal after uploading your test script there.


The Editor tab is split in 3 main parts:

  • HTTP Requests lists: This section shows all HTTP requests imported from an HAR or recorded by the Recording Proxy. The context menu accessible via a right click allows you to perform some basic editing functions.
  • Request details: When selecting a request some additional details about the request will appear, like values extracted from HTTP headers, etc…
  • Unique domains: In this section all unique domain names will be listed. Clicking on a domain will select all relevant rows in the requests table.

Delete Requests

You can mark requestes in the main editor window by clicking on them. Hold the ctrl keyty to mark multiple request or use the shift key to mark a range of requests.

Once marked you can delete the requests by right-clicking on a marked request and selecting “Delete selected” from the context menu:

Adding time delays

To add a time delay (currently hardcoded to 1 second) before or after a request, select the relevant context menu item while hovering over a request.

Time delays rows appear as requests of type “T” in the main editor window:

Domain based selection

In order to bulk select all requests belonging to specific domains select one or more domains (by holding the CTRL key). This will select corresponding requests in the requests list which can then be easilly deleted.

It is also possible to directly delete requests belonging to one or multiple domains using the context menu.